The Danish Design Prize 2001 UK | DK | 08.31 - 25/10/2020

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The Danish Design Prize 2001

Oncotype has been awarded the Danish Design Prize 2001 in the category Digital Communication. Oncotype was picked out for its own website,

Danish Design Center,
Comment of the jury:

"The interdisciplinary design and artist's group Oncotype is awarded for approaching digital communication and navigation in a new way. Thus, the central navigation on Oncotype's website is simple and dynamic, based as it is on a small, moveable menu box, which has been reduced to the most essential functions, just as the website itself restricts itself to including only the necessary basic elements.

The work of the group combines strong functional qualities with a desire to experiment with the narration in digital communication. This is noticeable, whether in the website information architecture or in a series of added films, which utilise and challenge the potential of the medium for user-interaction.

In a market where far too many digital products look alike, Oncotype offers an original contribution to the development of the digital expression. The work of the group goes deep and points to the many unused possibilities awaiting in this still relatively young digital medium".

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