High Density part 1: ArtSearch | 09.35 - 05/12/2020

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High Density part 1: ArtSearch

High Density part 1: ArtSearch is an internet work that Oncotype has conceived and constructed in collaboration with Artnode. To enter the work you need to make up a user name and a password. You could type anything.

High Density is an investigation of interaction versus art in digital media. This investigation concentrates on the function of the search engine and the conditions of navigating on the internet. The search engine is the catalyst in a game between the empty work and the work full of content.

High Density is a collection of artworks, interviews, and projects. They are interlinked and lead to indirect discussions. The project is named after the old floppy diskette, where "High Density" meant the capacity to compress and distribute huge amounts of information. Likewise the project plays on the way search engines index and give access to information. It is through search engines that the enormous mass of information on the net is made available to the user. Responding to the entered search word, the engine creates lists of content. But how can you search and get access to the knowledge potential? What happens in the meeting between a user possessing certain qualifications and an engine with a big potential knowledge that is accessible only by relevant search words?

Entering High Density the art-user is confronted with a minimal, movable and flexible interface. A search engine demanding an input to generate an output. Not until the user enters a word, parts of the art work is made visible. It unfolds through words like "user", "sex", "non-linear", "cool" or "intimacy", and the user can create his own hypertextual way though the material.

Often the engine will respond with an error message: No match! These erroneous searches make an important part of the work. They are listed like other search results so that other users erroneous searches are made visible in a "Top ten list" and thereby put attention to the relation between access and refusal.

As a "Gesamtwerk" High Density is created in collaboration between a group of artists, programmers and designers. Everybody involved in the network is free to upload new projects and link them to existing projects: High Density is an open work that will continue to grow and transform.

Artnode: Kim Borreby, Niels Bonde, Mogens Jacobsen, Martin Pingel, Nikolaj Recke, Jesper Nymark og Morten Schjødt.
Oncotype: Mattias Bodlund, Morten Westermann, Marianne Husfeldt og Morten Schjødt. Mikael Thorsen has contributed with the work "Pure Code Project".

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