One-minute movies - tabletennis tournament for incompatible personalities UK | DK | 09.29 - 05/12/2020

Dark red
Kenneth Carmohn
207.3 x 133.8 mm
3.7 MB, tif
  Dark yellow
Regitze Schartau
212.5 x 141.6 mm
4 MB, tif
Dark red
Rasmus Botoft
208.6 x 132.2 mm
3.7 MB, tif
  Red and blue
Kenneth Carmohn & Rasmus Botoft
207.3 x 136.8 mm
3.8 MB, tif
Dark red
Karin Rørbech
209.1 x 129.5 mm
3.6 MB, tif
  Blue and blue
Kenneth Carmohn & Rasmus Botoft
207.1 x 135.6 mm
3.8 MB, tif
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One-minute movies
Table tennis tournament for incompatible personalities

An interactive film project for the internet, created by oncotype for n2art - n2art is a curatored exhibition venue for Nordic net art.

Interactive communication is the space of possibilities, but along with the possibilities, incompatibility simultaneously arises. How do we get technical standards to talk together, and how do we interact at all, when virtuality makes it difficult to relate to the other person?
One-minute movies is an interactive film project where, as an art user, one creates small one-minute QuickTime films, through selection of different personality profiles. Each film is created when two personalities are confronted with each other and meet in a table tennis match. It is thus both a meeting between two people/Internet users and their choice of personality profiles, and also a meeting between two characters in a fictitious world. The users meet only in that they are dependent on each other's selection to be able to see a film. Their selection leaves traces in a database, which in this way effects other users' film experience.
The variations in these selections create different dramatic and visual conditions. Behavioural patterns are repeated and the characters move in predefined templates, in a game about attention and the relationship to each other.

Description of a possible experience: As "player name", you have called yourself "James Bond", and you have chosen the personality: dark red man. Your selection is now paired with a selection from somebody calling themselves "Jabba the Hutt". This is what you know when the film starts and a table tennis match begins. It now turns out that your character is playing against a light yellow man. The game unfolds in such a way that your character goes berserk and kicks the yellow man off the court in pure frustration at the yellow madness he represents. The film is over. You can now choose a new personality or try again with the same selection and see who your character now meets. You choose the same personality as before, but this time your character meets a woman of light red nature. You suddenly become the colonel type, who does not talk very much but acts quickly to bag his prey. She seems to enjoy it, but just before the film ends, she vanishes out of your arms. The film is over. You try another personality.

One-minute movies is an interactive film project for the Internet and thus an attempt to create a different film experience, outside of the usual time frame. The film experience has no start or end, even though it consists of small episodes of one minute each. It is nearly impossible to get a sense of when one has seen everything. Nor is that the intention. It is more a matter of being a user of a film material that one can return to time after time. One-minute movies is one in a series of film projects under the title, Noodlefilm, in which oncotype experiments with the interactive film experience.

oncotype: Morten Schjødt - Mattias Bodlund - Morten Westermann - Theis Barenkopf Dinesen (

actors: Karin Rørbech - Regitze Schartau - Rasmus Botoft - Kenneth Carmohn cinematographer: Rasmus Arrildt styling and makeup: Soile Ludjoi subtitles: Aa-Tchoo!

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